High School Hidden Messages

Envisioning the Big Picture—The Relationship of Scope, Goals, and Lesson Objectives

Nine lesson plans designed to serve as an interactive lesson series for high school students that will encourage the development of their critical-thinking skills. Each lesson deals with a relevant moral or ethical issue that teenagers face or learn about via the media or surrounding culture. And students are given the opportunity to not only analyze these difficult issues, but also consider how they will incorporate their belief systems into their decision making and subsequent actions.

These age-appropriate lessons also examine the hidden messages that devalue life, encourage unhealthy behaviors, and discourage personal responsibility. Through discussion, role-playing, and media, students are equipped with information to help them consider the potential ramifications of those hidden messages, as well as real world solutions for addressing them with a consistent ethic that values human life.  Topics include abortion, early-life issues, end-of-life issues, and sex outside of marriage.

While participating in the Hidden Messages series, students will incorporate skills to help them understand their own worth and the worth of others and make healthy decisions that will enable them to live meaningful lives.