Middle School WLC

Envisioning the Big Picture—The Relationship of Scope, Goals, and Lesson Objectives

How Do The Dignity of the Human Person, Purity, and Justice Fit Together in One Curriculum?

Our lesson objectives contribute to the formation of a worldview built on three foundational values: Dignity of the Person,  Justice, and Purity. This curriculum will focus on building the attitudes and values that will enable students to live their lives abundantly, as God meant them to do. The process begins and grows out of the truth that each student’s life is of the highest value to God. During the process of maturation, children need to grow out of their “me-centered” existence. As they grow, they will realize that God not only values them, but also highly values the life of every person He creates (Dignity of the Person). This curriculum presents the value that God imparts to each human being and encourages students to share that value with those in the world around them  (Justice). Realizing and being affirmed by their own value to God, as well as their role in recognizing and affirming value to others, they will be challenged and free to live their lives while fully enjoying God’s gifts of chastity, future marriage, and family (Purity). Then, as they live in the freedom they’ve chosen, they’ll be motivated throughout their lives to heroically express and defend God’s value of human life.

Each lesson plan includes a paragraph explaining the relationship of the lesson objectives to the scope and goals of the curriculum. The following pages contain lesson objectives for each grade level.