Middle School Family Life Series Curriculum

How Would You Summarize the Scope of This Family Life Series?

The Family Life Series guides middle school students in continuing to explore whole life applications that result from valuing the Dignity of the Person, Justice, and Purity.

As I enjoy living life as it was meant to be, I—

  • Embrace a life—giving and love—giving picture of the relationships between God and His creation (Dignity of the Person).
  • Learn to reflect the image of God in giving life and love in relationships (Justice).
  • Make choices with an understanding that when God created human beings as male and female, He designed us to give life and love not only to those around us, but also in a unique way within the relationships of marriage and family (Purity).

Participation in this curriculum will help students understand the beauty of this design, as well as the ways it communicates truth about God and our relationship to Him.

From the very beginning, God’s plan in our creation was that males and females together would reflect what God is like. Our bodies aren’t just biological; they’re theological. Whether male or female, we were created with God’s intention that we could use our physical bodies—mouths, arms, legs, hands, and feet—in giving life and love to others in our world.

Also, in the beginning, God designed a unique type of relationship between one man and one woman for life. This relationship begins with an exchange of vows before God, witnesses, and one another during a marriage ceremony. It was God’s good plan that life giving and love giving within a marriage (and only within a marriage) would be expressed intimately in a physical oneness of bodies.

  • God designed our bodies as male and female in such a way that they could physically be together as one in marriage (sexual relations).
  • The act of oneness (sexual relations) between a husband and wife is one way they give life and love to each other.
  • The new life given to a child was designed by God to be a result of the oneness (sexual relations) of husband and wife.
  • The relationships of marriage and family provide pictures of the way God wants to give life and love to us.
  • God also wants to use our family relationships as one way that we experience His life and love.

What Is the Desired Outcome or Goal of This Series for Students Graduating from Middle School?

Each part of the Family Life Curriculum contributes to building a foundational worldview that casts a vision of the beautiful life God intended for us. The following describes this vision as it’s imparted to students participating in the curriculum:

  • I am of great value to God because He envisioned me, created me, and enjoys who He created me to be.
  • Because this is true, my value to God cannot increase or decrease based on my capabilities or characteristics. I am free to discover who God created me to be and to grow into that person. I don’t have to prove myself.
  • Those around me also have great value that cannot change. I can enjoy discovering who God created all others to be. I can encourage others to do the same.
  • I can join with God in affirming that value.
  • God created me with the gifts and abilities to participate in a purposeful adventure with Him. When I’m living in that adventure, I am fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Marriage and family are gifts that God can use to help me understand ways that He loves me.
  • Sexual relations is the language of the body that speaks the serious vows made verbally before God and others during a wedding ceremony. Sexual relations is also a sign that points to the truth that God invites us to a life—giving and love—giving relationship with Him.
  • God’s direction for my choices is life giving.

Life transformation resulting from this worldview:

  • I can choose to live consistently with God’s direction, knowing this will keep me free to enjoy the adventure for which God has created me.
  • I can enjoy life while living in close relationship with God who knows me and gave me value when He created me.
  • I make choices in relationships that affirm the value of every person.
  • I make decisions based on God’s life—giving direction.
  • I live with a determination to act consistently with God’s design as it relates to my sexuality. This will bring me freedom and joy.
  • I live a life with passion to be involved in changing the world because God has created me uniquely to be involved in something bigger than myself (an adventure).

 Use the following link to download the Scope & Sequence:

Middle School Scope and Sequence