The Story of Whole Life Curriculum

The Whole Life Curriculum grew out of interactions with students of all ages. Over the past several years, our speakers’ bureau has repeatedly been invited to serve as guest presenters to K-12 classrooms. When we first began making presentations in elementary school classrooms, the goal was to inspire children with the lessons that can be learned about God and about ourselves as we observe human life development in the womb. The resulting “oohs” and “ahhhs” indicated we’d accomplished our goal. However, we then began to develop a vision to take that initial seed and cultivate it to full growth within the whole life of each child.

As we’ve enjoyed sharing stories with the children, such as The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss and You Are Special by Max Lucado, the potential long-term effects and implications of our message became increasingly clear. We realized that sanctity of life is foundational to the values of purity and social justice, which we all hope to see deeply implanted into the hearts of the children we influence. These values enable them to live the lives they were meant to live. Next came the realization that when these values are woven together into one curriculum, they create a worldview that is life giving. That was just the beginning of a long process.

After extensive research, we concluded there is a need for a holistic curriculum that constructs a worldview centered around the values of sanctity of life, purity, and social justice. Further consultations with teachers and parents affirmed this need. Then the overall framework of the curriculum—including the scope, the desired outcomes, and the lesson objectives—was constructed and subsequently evaluated by educators. The lesson plans then changed and evolved out of our experiences in a variety of classrooms. We constantly focused on both age-appropriateness, as well as our vision of a typical high school senior who would someday benefit from his participation in this concentrated effort to form a holistic, biblical worldview.

The lesson plans included in Whole Life Curriculum have received an overwhelmingly positive response from both instructors and students. Numerous teachers have commented how reading the curriculum or participating in a session has really moved them. Many have also said this curriculum might have changed their lives if they’d been exposed to it at an early age. Not only that, but it’s also been amazing to see the ways that our own worldviews have been challenged and changed.

We know you’ll have fun, be inspired, and be transformed as you use Whole Life Curriculum with the children in your life.

Please view the educator endorsements to get an idea of the kinds of feedback we’ve been receiving. And then once you’ve experienced the curriculum at home or in your classroom, please share your own thoughts and stories with us too.

Educator Endorsements

“What a real, fresh, holistic approach! For those who will use it, it could be revolutionary.”
– Mark Oestreicher, Author, Speaker and Consultant

“Imagine a K-12 curriculum which teaches children and young people about purity, the sanctity of life, and the beauty of God’s plan for each of us. This is precisely what the Whole Life Curriculum is all about; as such, it provides parents and teachers with an invaluable tool for instilling in their children a capacity for sustained commitment, true love, and, ultimately, happiness.”
– Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland

“Whole Life Curriculum has been a blessing for the students and teachers at Nativity Prep, particularly because so much of what we otherwise teach in our core academic classes leaves little room for what is most critical: teaching students to understand how to relate to others and keeping God and God’s love at the center of those relationships — with family, with friends, with themselves.”
– Brendan Sullivan, Principal, Nativity Prep Academy

“The children loved sharing their ideas and doing the projects. I have taught other ‘Family Life’ programs, but they did not touch the relevant issues as Whole Life Curriculum does.”
– 1st Grade Teacher, St. Jude Academy

“Parents who have either previewed this program or sat in on the sessions, have been pleased with the care given to a subject that is sensitive to many of our families.”
– 6th Grade Teacher, Christian Elementary School